Cheap House Building Ideas To Check in 2018

Cheap House Building Ideas To Check in 2018

The high cost of land, the skyrocketing prices of building materials and the high cost that one inquires in obtaining labor, has made home ownership become a dream to many, more especially those regarded as being in the middle class or the lower income segment the world over.

When you look at the average price for a low cost three bedroom house, that is considered ideal for many families; you will realize that the price is way up the affordability levels. This leaves one with the option of building. But how do you go about building on your own? Below we highlight some of the cheap building ideas that you should check out in the year 2018 if you are interested in building your home.

Settling on a Simple Design

The first step towards building your home is, choosing a house design. While some factors will influence the type of design that you will settle on, chief of them being the nature of the land you have, it is advisable that you choose a simple design as much as possible.

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This is informed by the fact that the more complicated the design of your house will be, the more costly it will become for you to construct it. Minimize the corners in your outside walls, as this will not only save time but material too.

Use New Technology

One of the major factors that drive the cost of building a house up is the high cost of labor and the building materials that are involved in the process. It is advisable that you use new technologies like prefabricated panels as they have been known to reduce the amount of material, time and labor that one will spend in construction. Alternatively, you can opt to use the newly developed interlocking bricks as they require less cement and labor.

Consult Professionals

Most people have lost a lot of money due to shoddy construction work that is carried out by unqualified individuals. Most people tend to think that they are saving a lot by avoiding professionals, but it is true that they are likely to lose in the long run.

Therefore, one is advised to engage professionals, as they will go a long way in ensuring that the job is of high quality hence avoiding any extra costs. While planning for the finishing, especially for the inner part, ogee skirting board styles are the best to consider. Their experts also offer advice on how best to install these.

Be Conscious of Cheap Bargains

As much as you will want to save a few coins here and their, it is essential to avoid those deals that may be too good to be true. For instance, if one offers to supply you with the material at a price that is a way to low, be very keen as this may be a way of defrauding you.

Some other helpful ideas include the use of recycled material, avoiding doing the construction during a rainy season, maintaining close supervision and above all the required standards of work.