Choosing The Best Whole House Water Filter

Choosing The Best Whole House Water Filter

If you read reviews about whole house water filters, you will notice that there are specific features that most buyers are interested in. You need a filter that can get rid of all the dirt from your domestic water. Apart from making the water safe for consumption, the filters can help to protect your plumbing systems. This is because dirty water is the leading cause of clogged drains, dirty water pipes, and blocked sinks. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose the right filters from the many options that you are likely to find in the stores. Think about the following factors.

The filtering mechanism

hgdhgd64The water filters out there use various mechanisms to get rid of dirt from water. For example, while there are those that use simple filtering methods, others use complex methods including reverse osmosis. This means that the amount of dirt that can be removed depends largely on the filters that you want. Since you are looking for one that can filter water for the entire house, you should ensure that it has the capacity to make the water as clean as it can get. With improved technology and innovation, manufacturers are
now coming up with products that get rid of almost everything that is unwanted in your domestic water.

Filtering speed

How fast can the whole house water filer clean your water? Reviews suggest that the speed varies depending on the specific products that you choose. Even though there are those that allow the water to flow in fast, there are others that take longer. Therefore, a buyer has to know about the filtering speed. Sometimes, you may want to clean the water fast. It could be that a situation came up and you need clean water urgently. In such a situation, you do not have the luxury to keep waiting for too long and therefore; you only have to find something that works faster.

The efficiency

Whether you are reading water filter reviews or relying on information provided by the manufacturer, you need an assurance that the product you are about to buy can effectively clean domestic water. Inquire about the percentage of dirt that can be removed from the water. In addition to that, you should ask about the kinds of items that will be removed. There are some filters that will only get rid of large particles while others will remove even the finest ones. For example, reverse osmosis filters can get rid of bacteria and viruses from water in addition to other items. Since what you want is clean and safe water, you have to go for the one that makes it cleaner than the other filters.


During the water filtering process, you should ensure that the filters do not take up too much space. Reviews suggest that there are those that can be placed under the sink or along the water pipes so that the water flows through them before usage. If you want to minimize of space, you should look for a filter that fits where you want to place it.