Helicopter Boogie at Kjerag Norway

Helicopter Boogie at Kjerag Norway
21. of June – 24. of June

A Helicopter Boogie at Kjerag in Lysebotn has been arranged for the fourth weekend of June. The helicopter`s will be there for 4 full days, from 21. of June through 24. of June. Basic rules and requirements can be found at Kjerag info. You will also find a lot of other useful info on this site.

There will be a limited number of participants on this boogie. The maximum is 120 jumpers.
Those who report to Stein Edvardsen upon arrival and declare their participation will be secured a slot.
Fill out the registry form and send it to Stein Edvardsen.

Reg. fee 300,- Annual reg. fee SBK
Boogie fee 300,- Include free boat transport during the heliboogie
Heli ticket 400,- Per ride

For accommodation please contact Olav at
Lysebotn tourist camp